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Are you a dedicated professional committed to helping others achieve their goals, modify and improve their behavior? If so, I'm thrilled that YOU are here and want to learn more about our Certified Professionals Program!

Why does this program exist? Well, to begin with, I've heard too many times to count now that what The Habit Factor® offers professionals is, in a word, "Perfect". (That's with the exclamation point). Please though, don't take it from me, or even the growing list of professionals who are enrolling, fill in your info below and watch the recorded webinar and see for yourself! <<JUST FILL IN YOUR INFO BELOW>> and you'll receive an email with a link to a previously recorded webinar about the Certified Program that explains just how you and your practice will benefit by aligning with The Habit Factor®. A FEW BENEFITS:
    • Differentiate your practice: In addition to your brilliance ; ) How does your practice stand out?
    • Innovative goal methodology: Do you know when the last major goal methodology was introduced (SMART goals)? It's actually been over 30 years -— and yet, nearly every coach uses it. Consider; SMART goals never takes into account HABIT. The Habit Factor has truly revolutionized the process for goal achievement.
    • Increased Exposure: Well over 50,000 downloads (Android & iOS) The Habit Factor has received acclaim around the world. Visit: www.thehabitfactor.com to learn more
    • Simplify your practice: Provide accountability tool-set and simplified methodology
    • Authorized Habit Factor Professional Signatures for your website
    • Get Even Better Client Results & Improve Client satisfaction: When you share THF with your clients - you quickly align with them — come from the same perspective, with an agreed to objective and methodology
    • Habit Alignment Technology™ The first technology ever introduced that allows you to align your habits to your goals! (see app)
    • Shared Success: The Certified Professionals Program allows for other professionals to share in the groups successes
    • Best Practices: Learn best practices from Martin and other professionals
    • Much, more: Fill in form below to LEARN MORE! Align with The Habit Factor® Certified Professionals Program - Learn more today!
  **Note: Where else can you expose your practice for only $12.50/month on the web? Now consider that is only an ancillary benefit since this program is far more than an advertising play. This is a serious program only for qualified professionals looking to improve their practice and client results at the same time. Learn more today, fill in the info below.


What are the criteria/requirements to join? Proof of Professional Practice (Coach, Trainer, Specialist, PhD). Pass THF 101 Exam. [Meet 3 of the following 6 criteria]. **Note: Criteria is subject to random audit/request by Equilibrium Enterprises, Inc. Please apply only if you qualify since failure to provide proof upon request is subject to removal from the program without refund. <>

1) Professional practice age is two years or older. 2) Ability to certify professional (coaching, training, counseling) income over $50,000* annual (USD) for ONE of last three years. 3) If coach, must certify professional coaching hours** (over 250). Can be combination of paid and pro-bono hours. 4) Have ICF (International Coaching Federation) or similar professional accreditation 5) Website demonstrating professional services dedicated to improving lives of your clientele. 6) Complete The Habit Factor® CPP certification class via webinar. This is a 2 part course (Cost $99). *certify means CPA signed audit form **certify means provide timesheets, invoices or equivalent logs upon request. Note: At any time during active participation as a member in THF, CPP, Equilibrium Enterprises, Inc., may request income or business verification as outlined above for any of the stated qualifying criteria. By completing the exam, paying the membership fee you acknowledge you meet the membership criteria and will submit proof upon request as required.


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Below is a recorded webinar providing a fairly comprehensive overview of how professionals can best utilize the app with their clients. Enjoy!