Timi Gleason (Certified Master Coach)

Timi Gleason (Certified Master Coach)

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Coach Timi has many years of experience and expertise coaching VP's, Directors and business owners to hone their leadership effectiveness. (Or are you a manager headed for these types of advanced responsibilities?) Habit Factor coaching can help you prepare for your next step.  Timi has cross-functional "habit knowledge" in HR, Marketing, Sales, Call Center management, Government & External Affairs, Finance, and Plant Operations.

Timi authors books about strategic thinking & leadership, and mentors professionals struggling with big-picture thinking. Are you committed to: changing your style? your daily routines? to being extraordinary in some new area of life or business? Are you seeking to transform your health or to reverse an illness?

Timi is also a Bio-Chemical Terrain Practitioner with expertise into reversing (and protecting) the at-risk health of "high performers". Call to talk about working with Timi. You are invited to connect with Timi Gleason on LinkedIn via The Habit Factor.