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House-Call-Coaches are masters in the art of Time Compression; that is, getting you to your goal in the least time possible. And one of the techniques we use is "Full Immersion Coaching." Unlike other "coaching" companies, which offer half-hour phone calls and the occasional live web chat, we come to you (your office/home-office/place of business), so that we can SEE (a) what you have to face on a day-to-day basis, and (b) the road-blocks that are right there in front of you. With this knowledge, we rearrange not only your desk, your office space and your strategies, we also help you rearrange your life perceptions so that your biggest obstacles are no longer blocking your path. This kind of result is unobtainable by "long distance coaching" because a long-distance-coach is unaware of, and cannot address, the factors in your environment that are having MASSIVE influence on your ability to pursue a goal. So what would you rather do? Rehash the same old, tired "to-do list" with a far-away coach who has NO CLUE what you need, or would you rather accomplish your goals in the least time possible?